SWENOR Skate Elite Rollerskis

SWENOR Skate Elite Rollerskis

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Thanks to the construction of the shaft and the anchoring of the wheels, the Skate Elite roller skis provide a smooth ride thanks to high responsiveness of the construction.

Composite Laminate Profile

The shaft of the roller skis is made of thin layers of lightwood mixed with layers of carbon and glass fiber. This composite construction of the roller ski works well together thanks to each material supplementing the shortcomings of the others. The roller skis allow use of both smooth and rough surfaces as the roller skis absorb vibrations, which in turn reduce the stress on the athletes’ feet and legs. 


Model: Model 65-200

Body: wood and fiberglass

Wheel diameter: 100mm

Wheel width: 24mm

Weight: 1900gr / pair

Length: 615mm