Nordic Torpedo
Nordic Torpedo

Nordic Torpedo

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Glide Wax Testing Tool

High-tech approaches in waxing are becoming increasingly important in cross country races, helping the whole competition to become more professional. 100ths of a second now can decide who wins and who loses in the sprint races. Waxing has become a very complex process which involves a lot of time, manpower and money. Throughout the wax testing, various parameters such as: snow and air temperature, humidity, wind and sunshine will make a difference.

Nordic Torpedo Preparation - Video

Nordic Torpedo Test Protocol Sample

Today, performing a good wax testing job requires a quiver of perfectly matched 6-8 pairs of skis, an expensive speed trap system, good amount of different wax brands and again a lot of time. CXC has been working on this product to have an efficient, accurate and inexpensive way to get the fastest skis for athletes to win. This is how we test waxes from now on!

1. It takes 20-30 min to apply and test 8 different waxes with Nordic Torpedo and it takes 1-1.5 hour to test wax with 8 pairs of skis

2. It takes 12 times less wax to apply on 1 side of Nordic Torpedo than on 1 pair of skis

3. Nordic Torpedo is as accurate as testing a quiver of testing skis for all waxes including pure fluoro and liquids 

4. Nordic Torpedo reliability has been proven through testing at National Elite Level competitions since November 2009

Torpedos come in a travel storage case:

- fits 2/3 Nordic Torpedos

- has 2 separate padded compartments and reinforced wrap-around carry handles

- heavy duty double zippers
Nordic Torpedo
Nordic Torpedo